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49 - The Outrunners

In the wake of global energy wars, a post-industrial landscape has metastized across the now-united American continents. With the government regulating all aspects of social life including travel and gun use, the streets have become littered with dis [ … ]

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50 - Misadventures Of Omniverse 2019

It's about the adventures of pocho and izu, they are involved in incredible events through the cosmos. These two cross the omniverse in search of answers about a strange creature called Suck-izu. [ … ]

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51 - Sinfest

 Since it started, Sinfest has captured attention of many with its wit and humor. It is one of longest going web comics and the only one to feature GOD, the Devil, assorted degenerates, a cat and a dog. It will make you laugh until it hurts.  Th [ … ]

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52 - Scaredemy

Scaredemy is a special academy for young ghouls, monsters, and magicians. Scaredemy, features an assortment of ooky characters attending monster school together. The protagonist of the story is a young sorcerer named Simon Fairwee. Simon’s only [ … ]

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53 - Forge

Hammer and his twin sister, Nail, must climb to the heavens to kill the gods. Fallout from the war in the heavens is destroying their village, and it's only a matter of time before they all perish. A suicidal assassination attempt is their only hope for s [ … ]

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54 - Kiwi Blitz

Kiwi Blitz is longform webcomic that chronicles the adventures of a couple teenagers’ attempts to fight crime in the not-too-distant future. Imagine an American superhero cartoon mixed with a Japanese mecha anime, and you’ve got the basic husk [ … ]

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55 - Betrayal

Betrayal is a coming-of-age story of friendship, romance and heartbreak, based partly on the author's life and partly on the Harold Pinter play of the same name. It cuts across early childhood, young adulthood and adulthood: each chapter comprising a dif [ … ]

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56 - Propeller

Rex Baldwin has put everything he has into his pursuit of a superpower. But Rex is about to discover that great power doesn't equate to an easier life. [ … ]

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57 - Woohooligan!

Madness! Method free... Started as a strip-comedy series (originally inspired by Gary Larson)... as I continued to work on it I expanded to multi-panel strips and eventually started writing short vignettes including the Secret Lives of Klingons and N [ … ]

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58 - Marty and Clover: Heroes for Hire

Follow Marty, a determinedly retired adventurer, and Clover, a simple messenger with energy to spare in their many bizarre and exciting quests. Clover begs Marty for help after a giant worm destroys the nearby town. Is it just a big inconvenience, or is s [ … ]

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59 - The Young Protectors

 The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy tells the story of how Kyle—a closeted, young superhero dedicated to helping everyone but himself—ascends to become one of the most powerful champions the world has ever known. But no on [ … ]

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60 - Prophecy of the Circle

 On a distant world, two sentient species, the tikedi and their predatory reptilian neighbors, the tekk, live in a violent co-existence with one another. There is no common language between them, and no interest in the exchange of ideas. There are on [ … ]

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