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37 - Gaetea

An alchemist is ordered to the capital to help prepare the army, but is then tossed into a war between the gods. Follow the story of Sateran, minister of Alchemy in the Middelreich, who has to support the king in war, but then things get out of hand. [ … ]

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38 - The Depths

"The Depths" follows three beautiful sea otters named Leilani, Malana, and Kalea, and their adventures above and below the sea as they chase romance and court danger in the early part of the 20th century, in a lush, tropical paradise. [ … ]

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39 - Nedroid’s Picture Diary

Nedroid’s Picture Diary follows the adventures of Beartato and Reginald. [ … ]

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40 - The story of how humanity has thrown itself into the scrapyard

Two cynic cyborgs - killer (guy) and hacker (girl) are trying to survive and get answers in the hostile and perverted world - world of cyberpunk which we deserved.WARNING: strong language, violence and nudity. Only for adults. [ … ]

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41 - Boxer Hockey

Boxer Hockey, by Tyson Hesse is a sports comic about the fictional pastime of the same name, a kind of free-for-all rugby match played entirely in undergarments and using genetically engineered rubber frogs for balls. [ … ]

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42 - Pacifica

Pacifica is a fantasy adventure comic inspired by the Pacific northwest US. A young man named Gavin becomes frustrated with his life in the small town Nook. He leaves to track down an old friend and along the way learns about the strange world outs [ … ]

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43 - Dinosaur Comics

Dinosaur Comics is a comic about talking dinosaurs! It appears online and also in print in some newspapers and magazines! There is an RSS feed and a LiveJournal feed and a Twitter feed for the comics. If you want to learn mor [ … ]

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44 - TwistedFates: A Rose for Shurinai

After the death of a friend and the end of a massive war, Gale Shurinai fights his inner demons almost every day. Will he overcome the power of an eldritch virus, or will he be consumed by it? [ … ]

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45 - FreakAngels

 FreakAngels is a tale of twelve psychic Londoners whose combined powers flooded the world! They were all born 23 years ago at exactly the same moment in time. They all have extreme telepathic abilities as well as other assorted abilities like telepo [ … ]

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46 - A Tale Yet Unclaimed

1889, Kengland. The horrendous powers of reality are threatening the very existence of the kingdom. The King calls upon the remaining überwitches to train a new magic army... and defend the country's right not to make any sense whatsoever. [ … ]

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47 - A Broken Winter

General Auryn Tyrus runs a government slaughterhouse, overseeing the covert execution of political dissidents - victims of an Emperor with a weakening grip on reality. When the son of his former lover is sentenced to death, Auryn intervenes, turning his l [ … ]

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48 - The Brooding Muse

The Brooding Muse is a compelling webcomic for fans of black and white classic horror comics which fuses classic themes of good and evil with a wicked, prey or be preyed on story line that would make H.P. Lovecraft proud. [ … ]

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